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Flower Subscriptions

Blessings of Bouquets Showcasing the Season

How do Flower Subscriptions work?

Flower Subscriptions are a way to enjoy locally grown flowers on a regular spring, summer, or seasonal basis.  Bloom Junction does all the work for you.  When the flowers are ready, we will harvest and arrange them at their peak.  Then we will contact our flower subscription holders via phone call or text to set up a time to deliver fresh flowers to their doorsteps.

Flower subscriptions can be a gift for yourself or can be gifted to someone you wish to bless with local flowers.


All flower subscriptions include 4 thoughtfully arranged bouquets.

Bloom Junction Flower Subscription Vase Options

Option 1:  Four flower arrangements in Traditional Glass Vases - Cost $100


Option 2:  Steingass Pottery Collaboration:

Bloom Junction flower subscription featuring a set of Steingass Pottery (your choice of mugs or tumblers) as the vessels for each of your 4 flower arrangements. Once your flowers fade you will have a four piece set of usable coordinating pottery pieces.  Andrew's pottery is food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.

The Flower Subscriptions feature 4 arrangements each in Steingass Pottery cost: $220.


Set of 4 Steingass Mugs.

Styles will vary as each set is handmade.

Image Credit: Spencer Davis

While image shows one Steingass tumbler, subscriptions includes a set of 4 Steingass Tumblers.

Styles will vary as each set is handmade.

Image Credit: Spencer Davis

With both the traditional vases and the Steingass pottery pieces you can choose from three flower subscription types:  Spring Focus, Summer Focus, or Seasonal Focus. 


You can get a peek of some of our work by checking out our Gallery Page.

When you purchase a flower subscription, you will need to share your name, address, and a phone/cell number where you can be contacted.  If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift, you will also need to share the name, address, and a phone/cell number of the person you are gifting. Phone numbers are only used to set up delivery times.  As a courtesy, the gift giver will receive a complimentary text after each delivery is completed, along with a picture of the bouquet.

Flower subscriptions are delivered for free to Columbus Grove, Ohio addresses.  For all locations outside of Columbus Grove, a $20 delivery fee will be added to the subscription total. 

Flower Subscriptions Certificates with handmade envelopes and attached dried flowers are available for those that would like to have something to wrap and gift for the holidays, a birthday, or special occasion.  These are included in the price of the subscription and can be picked up at Bloom Junction.  For an additional $5, we can also mail a certificate and handmade envelope to you.  The dried flowers do not do travel well through the postal service.




We only do a limited amount of subscriptions each growing season.


Payment secures names to our subscription list for the 2024 growing season.

We accept cash or check and offer an online payment option.


To complete your Flower Subscription Order and pay in the Traditional Method - Click Here.

To complete your Flower Subscription Order and pay Online - Click Here.


Subscription Options

Option 1 - Spring Focus

This subscription includes 4 spring arrangements delivered approximately every other week from April/May through June.

Option 2 - Summer Focus

This subscription includes 4 summer arrangements delivered approximately monthly June/July through September.

Option 3 - Seasonal Focus

This subscription is for those that want a bit of something for the entire growing season - 1 spring bouquet, 2 summer bouquets, and 1 fall bouquet.

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