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Bloom Junction - charcoal drawing created by our daughter, Aubrey.




The name BLOOM JUNCTION tells a story that is unique to our family.
It reveals how a plan, before we ever knew it existed, works through our lives
and lands us to where we are meant to be.

Bloom Junction was once a REAL place in southern Ohio. Located just southwest of Oak Hill, it was the junction between the former Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton (DT&I) and the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) railroads. Literally just a switch in the tracks, the junction was abandoned in the 1980's. Today, Bloom Junction has largely returned to the natural landscape of southern Ohio. Part of our family's heritage is linked to this region of Ohio, having ties to the railroad, brick, and utility industries once so important to the small towns of this area.

The other part of our family's richness is based in Columbus Grove, located in northwest Ohio. Columbus Grove was also once the convergence of several railroad lines: the Akron, Canton and Youngstown (AC&Y); Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton (DT&I); along with the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O).  While Oak Hill was known for its ties to brick and utilities, Columbus Grove was and is a community that supports four greenhouses with the first one opening in 1898.

So how appropriate the name Bloom Junction!
Something from the backgrounds of each side of our family;
something that joins;
something that blossoms and grows.

This is not only a story of a coming together of families and  the commonalities of communities; but also, a tale of an unwritten plan that has woven its way through time. Just as the railroad lines link Bloom Junction and Columbus Grove, so does the winding path of life usher us to this great adventure.

Bloom Junction in Columbus Grove reminds us of these small towns;

the importance of family;

the slower pace of life;

the respect for others;

and the appreciation of the simple things often overlooked today.



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