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Day Dreamin'

As I have gotten older, winter doesn't have the same charm that it had when I was a child. Maybe that is why I tend to regulate it to the Christmas Season and the New Year. After that it is "bring on Spring". Winter tends to make you have to add more time to your tasks because now there is layering, scraping, and warming up precursors that need to take place. And you know there is only so much time in the short, gray, winter day. But then... it snows and everything becomes vibrant, sparkly, and magical. Winter's appeal returns.

Winter for gardeners is day dreamin' time. We at Bloom Junction have been doing our fair share of day dreaming. For us that has entailed researching upcoming popular color palettes, finding flowers that remind us of the past, and picking something new to try. Seeds have been ordered and delivered. Because we focus on growing as much as we can in a small space, we are currently finalizing our planting bed layouts. The layout determines how many plants of each variety we can grow in our available space. We log germination rates of each species so that we are sure to start enough seed in order to hopefully guarantee little wasted space in our cut flowerbeds.

With so much to contemplate, organize, and plan, we are reminded to take this time in winter as a gift. It is okay to cut back, slow down, and day dream. These are needed opportunities for us to reflect and then begin to move forward. A lovely lesson learned from the garden: rest is needed in order to grow.

Little tidbit for you: Our in house "meteorologist-to-be" informed us that our snows here in February 2021 were the first "winter storm warning" snows we have had in over 700 and some odd days.

Nearly 2 years since we have had a good old fashioned winter storm warning. Take some time to look around. Let the winter charm catch your eye.

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