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What We Offer

If you live in Columbus Grove or the surrounding area, you can enjoy Bloom Junction flowers through a variety of flower arrangement options.  We also offer Flower Subscriptions during the growing season.


Please scroll down for details and visit our Contact Page if you have any questions or would like to order.  You can also email us at

Our goal is not only to provide a variety of unique and heirloom flowers; but also, to offer beauty without burdening our planet. Here at Bloom Junction, we grow a wide variety of annuals and perennials on less than an eighth of an acre, using sustainable methods. We select heirloom varieties in the hopes of bringing back both the delicateness of these flowers along with the old fashioned charm of their scent. All our flowers are grown organically.  We use no chemicals. Our blooms reflect the rhythm of Northwest Ohio’s changing seasons and are harvested at the best time for each specific flower variety. Because of this, our flowers are long-lasting and naturally fragrant.

Bloom Junction flowers are available mid-April/May until autumn’s first frost October - November.

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